Want to Learn Something New? Learn It Online!

It may be hard to believe, but there are more benefits of the internet than just logging in to your Facebook account and ordering clothes online. We can’t live without new information and search for different sources to get it from. Now there’s a great opportunity to receive new knowledge and learn new skills without even leaving your room. There are various online courses and training sessions that can help you improve almost any of your personal and professional skills. The best part is that some of them are free. It means that you can get the most valuable resource – knowledge – without any losses. All you have to do is to find the resource that meets your requirements.

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Online Tools to Make Your Academic Life Easier

Being a busy student overloaded with numerous assignments you probably wish there was a way to simplify your day-to-day routine. Luckily for you the 21st century with its fast development of technology offers you rather effective tools to make your life easier. You may find countless online resources aimed to help you with organizing information, getting rid of distractions, writing a good paper. Some of them are not as helpful as others, and that’s why here you’ll find the ones which proved to be useful and most efficient.

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Organizational Planning: Free Paper Sample

Organizational planning involves the tasks that the organization intends to carry out. It outlines the work plan, programs as well as organizational development over a set period. Organizational plans are extremely easy to use and create. Through organizational planning, a company is in a position to identify the organization’s long-term and immediate objectives and monitoring and formulating the strategies to attain them. On the other hand, the process involves the allocation of resources, staffing, which is among the most vital responsibilities of the management team (Wagen 45). This essay describes an organizational planning for a music concert. Continue reading Organizational Planning: Free Paper Sample

Tangled Reconciliations of People

The early missionaries and the traditional religious people within the communities acted along the requirements of the early Christianity. This means that the ancient were transitioning between the churches, traditionalism, paganism and atheism. Most of the early people only had beliefs and taboos that kept them believing. The atheist did not believe in anything and were just living by fate. They depended on how the day will come by while the pagans did not believe in attending church. The traditionalists had beliefs in certain objects or supernatural beings depending on the culture and the origin. Continue reading Tangled Reconciliations of People

Paper Sample on The Jena Six

This paper will focus on an article, 5 Years Later, Jena 6 Move On. This article is about JENA La, a small city in Louisiana and things that has happened in this city for the past five years. In the article, the city of JENA La is portrayed as having little business activities. In this town, there are Christians who goes to Jena’s many churches on Sunday. High school football is another key activity in the small city of JENA La. The article starts with the situation in which there is a group of black individuals known as the Jena Six. It had been accused of attempt murder after beating one white fellow student who was brutally beaten.

The article goes on outlining the events that followed after this scenario which occurred in the year 2007. This paper will examine specific examples that illustrate key concepts that include: Discrimination, stereotyping, prejudice, dominant group privilege, oppression, Cycle of Socialization, among others that that can be seen in the article, 5 Years Later, Jena 6 Move On. Continue reading Paper Sample on The Jena Six

Analyzing the Theme of Love across the Medieval and Renaissance

Love is a predominant theme in different kinds of art including poetry. It is a central aspect in human life as people strive to find or give love. In treating the theme of love, different poets have attempted to balance between carnal and spiritual aspects of love. Love has been a major theme in poetry since the medieval time, renaissance and 19th century up to the 20th centuries. Christopher Marlowe’s the passionate shepherd to his love poem, which creates an ideal image of emotions in rural context.

An example of medieval period poem that addresses love is John Donne’s Holy Sonnet. William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 is a classic example of a renaissance poem that addresses the theme of love. The love theme in 19th century period, which is popularly termed as the romantic era is exemplified by Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
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