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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to write an essay?

We gladly offer you some of the cheapest prices for essays, starting at $9 per page. If you’d like to keep the cost of your paper really low, choose the longest deadline (which is usually two weeks) for your order. Keep in mind that additional services and special writer categories will add more to your final price. If you stick to cooperating with our Best available specialists, you will still get your task done by a professional at a high level, only it won’t cost you any extra.

How much will 1 page of essay cost?

If you are a high school student, a page of an essay with a 2-week deadline costs $9. In cases where your order is urgent, the price will increase a bit. If you are requesting a college level essay, the starting price for a one-page paper is $14. We try to keep our prices cheap so that you can request any special services you want, like charts or slides if you need them. For university students, the price per page of an essay starts at $17. This minimal cost we propose allows you to request the services of an extra-experienced writer and still fit your essay into your budget.

Is it safe to pay for essays online?

Using our services is completely risk-free. First, our payment page is well-protected and no one can steal your personal data from there. Second, we are a responsible business and don’t use your contact details in any ways that are prohibited by law. And lastly, we provide free revisions and give your money back if we can’t help with your essay. You can also request a free revision if something in your paper doesn’t match the instructions given and can expect a partial refund if your paper comes late.

I don't like my essay. How do I get compensation?

If your paper is not as good as you expected, please request a revision right away. Our writers can correct any flaws quickly and may do so for free. If you’re not happy with the specialist who’s working on your essay, we can easily assign a different writer to your order. Whatever’s bothering you about your paper, tell us what’s wrong using the live chat. We will either resolve your issue as fast as possible or provide you with compensation if nothing can be done.

I want to cancel my order. Can I get a refund?

According to our money-back guarantee, you will get a full refund if you cancel your order before we assign one of our writers to it. If the specialist has already started work on your essay, we need to compensate him or her for the inconvenience so we won’t be able to pay your money back in full. To avoid such situations, make sure you tell us to cancel your order as soon as possible. This way, we can compensate you with the total sum you’ve paid.

Can I expect my price to be the lowest?

Yes, you can! If your essay is not urgent, choose a 14-day deadline when placing an order and you will automatically get the lowest possible price for your paper. By keeping our prices cheap, we hope you get the chance to take advantage of some of our special features. Request charts or slides if you need any included in your essay or use the services of our top-category writers. You can also cooperate with Native speakers on our website and still keep the cost of your essay affordable.